College Graduates Deserve Car Insurance Too

cheapest car insuranceTelevision is riddled with commercial after commercial featuring ads that detail which car insurance will bring you the biggest bang for your buck.  There are car insurance companies that will mail checks to costumers if they drive safely.  Some companies suddenly appear if drivers sing a jingle.  Other companies spend endless hours on unrelated (yet humorous) commercials.  This is the most frustrating because for the average driver, choosing a car insurance is stressful enough without car insurance companies not telling you the benefits of shopping with them.

Drivers who are low on funds, especially new, teen drivers, will want to look for the cheapest car insurance they can find.  Drivers straight out of college as well will also be in the market for the cheapest options for insurance.  With all car insurance companies competing for attention and the favor of new drivers, it’s hard to decide which one to go with.  The best way of deciding which company to subscribe to is to first make a list of things that are important for your coverage to include, and then create a list of things that are most likely to happen to you in your vehicle.

Why create these lists?  The first list’s purpose is to settle any anxiety you have about what exactly you’re looking for in car insurance.  If a company doesn’t cover something that weighs heavily in your mind, you won’t be satisfied with your coverage regardless of how cheap the insurance is.  Once you decide your non-negotiables, you’ll be better equipped to understand which things you’re willing to compromise on and which things MUST be included in your package.

The second list is needed in order to understand which parts of your insurance you’ll realistically need.  In the chances of you getting into a car accident are very slim because you don’t drive often, feature add-ons such as coverage for bumpers or road-side assistance are not really needed.  Opting out of options you don’t need will help bring the cost of your insurance down.  If there is ever a time when the details of your life change—for example, you start a new job and begin driving more, then you can always change the kind of package you use in order to cover the changes in your lifestyle.  Likewise, if you move to a busier city and only drive every other weekend, you can downgrade your insurance even more to save money.

Your greatest weapon when searching for insurance is to know exactly what you need, and which company will give you the best deal for that.  Whatever you decide for your two lists, it’s always important to research the car insurance company you’re going to side with to make sure costumers are satisfied, and they respond to claims in a timely manner.  The worst-case scenario would be to save money every month with a cheap insurance package, only to pay for it after a small accident.  Be careful, but be sure that whichever package you settle with is the exact fit for you.